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Monday, November 17, 2014

Are Liberals really That Dumb, Or Are Conservatives Just Smarter Than Liberals?

Every day on these boards we seem to have threads about how stupid and how naive  Libs/Dumbocrats/and progressives, really are.   I chalk it up to typical liberal stupidity....
When these liberals / Progressives have to LIE to themselves and to each other  to convince their own base into supporting their policies, well there you have it.
Don’t believe it?  I have visited these Liberal/Progressive websites, and blogs and I have seen these “so called” “fact checkers” after the last election, and trust me, after reading them, I would have swarm that thy won the election, not us Republicans. And yet we see posters, and bloggers still bragging about how much their love, and support  for Obammy has grown throughout the past 6 years. What is wrong with these people?  Can these people be so stupid, and narrow-minded?  Could it be just bias ignorance?  Or I they just yes dumber then I have really thought that they were?


  1. No, not really all that dumb. Just in denial. Imagine that you are a liberal, and just got you lunch eaten by those whom you think are evil. It couldn't be that your liberal philosophy has been rejected, no way. It has to be something else. Anything else. To accept defeat at the hands of those whom everyone knows eat babies and push Granny's over cliffs, and in general are just rotten to the bone, is unacceptable.

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