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Friday, June 22, 2012

Communism and Socialism, they both stink in my eyes.

The term "Socialized Medicine" is used to describe a system of publicly administered national health care.
Democrats/ Liberals/Progressives, and Communists, it don't make any difference what either of those groups call themselves.
As with the the problems with Muslims in Europe, the first step is recognizing who and what the enemy is. If you can't bring yourself to properly name your enemy, then you have lost the fight before it can even be begun. Progressivism, Socialism, is the New Communism.  One is as dangerous as the other.  They are all Wolves in Sheep's clothing. I wouldn't trust any of them no matter what they choose to call themselves.
The Left has an Communist ideology, they just don't want to be pinned down to that name. And it’s time we call you  what you are: Ignorant.

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  1. Yeah, but the lefties love to play that game when you use one of those words...

    There are distinctions, but I agree with you. If it walks like a leftist and quacks like a leftist, it's a leftist.