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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Michelle Obama, and daughters jet to Atlantic City to Beyonce's concert

Michelle Obama jetted in to Atlantic City last night to join 5,500 fans at a Beyonce concert.
The first lady was with daughters Sasha and Malia - but without her husband - at Revel Resorts, where Beyonce performed two dozen songs Saturday night.
The First Lady has made no secret of her admiration for the superstar - recently naming Beyonce as the person she would most like to be if she could be anyone else.

All I can say is that  Obama just better win reelection, or theres gonna be one very unhappy Moochie!
And Moochie most wants to be like Beyonce!  Isn't that sick?  Grow up lady, you have it better than 98 percent of the women in the world!   Honestly these people have no Class, No Conscience and No Souls.
The Are Disgusting Arrogant 
And I wonder just how much did that little jaunt cost us taxpayer's? I read it cost $250,000.

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